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Geschrieben am 24.07.2017

In the End: Architecture / 50 years ARCH+: Project and Utopia, not only reflects on the past 50 years of architectural discourse from today’s perspective, but also explores how architecture can be a social practice using contemporary examples from the field. Just as history can help us understand the present, the present can help us reinterpret and reconfigure history. Ultimately, the strength of the new also lies in how it can reveal formerly hidden aspects of the past. The issue, published in collaboration with the Az W, is a testament to our deep conviction that architecture is a political medium.

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, ARCH+ will release its first online reader in English to accompany the German print edition of the issue. For this special occasion, we offer the English edition for free until the end of this year.

Read the entire English edition of In the End: Architecture online!

The reader is developed in collaboration with Lamm & Kirch and Knoth & Renner, CMS by colognetworx cnx.


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