ARCH+ 181/182

Erschienen in ARCH+ 181/182,
Seite(n) 132-133

ARCH+ 181/182

Ithaca, N.Y. - VzA 18

Von Ungers, Oswald Mathias /  Katz, Stephen /  Evers, Uwe

The problem we must deal with in the future is that of „Greater Number“ – more people and more products. In facing this problem we will be confronted with the facts of mass scale and repetitive elements. A recognition of these realities makes it clear that architects and urban designers must change their conceptions and methods. Both the concept of the house as a single autonomous work of art, and the concept of the city as an economically and socially self-sufficient unit are equally irrelevant to the problems we must face. The question is whether quantities can produce new qualities. In the last few decades one can recognize three phases in the development of architecture and urban design...

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