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ARCH+ Politics-of-Space-and-Data

Gig Space – Deliveroo and the Algorithm Based Gig Economy

Von Cant, Callum /  Trapp, Harald /  Thum, Robert /  Klink, Immo

Harald Trapp, Robert Thum: Callum Cant, how did you become a courier for Deliveroo?

Callum Cant: I began to work as a courier in Brighton in Summer 2016. I primarily became involved as a militant before I started researching Deliveroo. There was a huge strike in London that broke out in August 2016. It came out of nowhere, a wildcat strike, where suddenly hundreds of Deliveroo workers were descending on Deliveroo HQ and  shutting it down over a proposed change to the pay structure. Rather than being on 7 pounds an hour plus 1 pound per delivery, they were going to be moved on a pure piece rate, so just 3.75 pounds per order. The dynamics of the self-organized strike were fascinating, and I wanted to know how it had happened. I immediately began to find that there was a huge self-organized network of Deliveroo couriers. There was a political consciousness that was latent there about exploitation and conditions of labor. All employment of labor under capitalism is exploitive but there is something particularly biting about the conditions at Deliveroo which demands the response.

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