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Incubating The Invisible Talent in Berlin-Lichtenberg
International Summerschool September 4th till 15th

by Columbia GSAPP, KU Leuven and University of Arts (UdK) Berlin

The German capital city of Berlin has received approximately 65.000 newcomers predominately from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq between January 2015 and the Summer of 2016. The majority of new arrivals are hosted in temporary shelters and wait idle for months, sometimes years, for their asylum to be granted, loosing valuable time to continue their education or use their brain- and (wo)manpower productively.

During this 10-day Summerschool participants will work in Berlin-Lichtenberg on the premises of the former headquarters complex of the Ministry of State Security (Stasi), now home to about 1,600 newcomers among other uses. The entire district is home to 6

.000 newcomers, yet, its urban fabric of predominantly prefabricated modernist high-rises (Plattenbau), does not appear open to small-scale businesses or social encounter. Exploring Lichtenbergs potential for urban spaces of interaction, the Summerschool aims to provoke thought around evolving pluralist neighbourhoods. In a first phase, participants will engage with inhabitants of the emergency shelter, in international teams to visualize talents of “Future Maker/s.” During the second week, participants will develop prototypes and interventions to test “Future Market/s”. These can be inside shelter itself, the larger Stasi complex, or in the surrounding neighbourhood and might include a mobile barber- shop, a textile workshop, a graphic design office, a cell phone repair shop, or a tea lounge among other ideas. To incorporate intangible talents, we will also explore the opportunity to connect to existing local time-banks. Here, time for tasks, errands or lessons is used as currency and as such, no work permit is required.

Open to students and newcomers with background in architecture, urban planning, urban design, political science, social entrepreneurship, communication design and related fields. Working language will be English! The Summerschool is free of charge.

This summerschool is a collaboration of Kaja Kühl, Columbia University GSAPP Oliver von Spreckelsen, UdK Berlin, Katharina Rohde, KU Leuven and Lama Sulaiman. Supported by Sto Summerschool Award 2017

TO APPLY: please send short letter of motivation and CV before June 30th to udk[at]studioberlin.net


In internationalen Teams – und ​gemeinsam mit den Bewohnern – arbeiten wir an Konzeption und prototypischer ​Umsetzung organisatorischer und architektonisch-räumlicher Strukturen zur Aktivierung brachliegenden Unternehmertums und selbstbestimmter gesellschaftlicher Teilhabe von geflüchteten Menschen der Erstaufnahme-Einrichtung Ruschestraße in Berlin Lichtenberg, Diese wurde 2015 auf dem Gelände der ehemaligen Zentrale des Ministeriums für Staatssicherheit der DDR eingerichtet, was dem Thema von Unterdrückung, Flucht und Selbstbestimmung auf besondere Weise ins Verhältnis zur Gegenwart ​ setzt.

Die Summerschool richtet sich an Studenten und Absolventen der Architektur / Urban Design, ​und findet als Kooperation der KU Leuven, Columbia University GSAPP und UdK Berlin statt, sie wird von der Sto Stiftung untertützt.

Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30.06.17 unter udk[at]studioberlin.net

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