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Eine Ausstellung von Christopher Roth und Brandlhuber+ im Rahmen des Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2020
April 24 – May 31, 2020
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 50, Copenhagen

Watch More TV! film trilogy Legislating Architecture by CHRISTOPHER ROTH & Brandlhuber+

Immerse yourself into an examination of the role of architecture and societal dilemmas in an exhibition by the German film artist CHRISTOPHER ROTH and the architectural practice Brandlhuber+. They are affiliated with ETH Zurich and were nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Prize in 2019. Moreover, they are curators of this year’s German pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

In the film trilogy Legislating Architecture they have challenged the legislation, property rights and politics that characterize the field of architecture after the financial crisis in 2008. During the festival we will use the exhibition as a framework for a series of discussions with local and international voices addressing some of these issues. The debates will be recorded and streamed on various media platforms. The films at the exhibition include footage of well-known international architects and two Danish cases with DEANE SIMPSON on urban development at a time of crisis and Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen on malaria resistent houses in Tanzania, both affiliated with the architecture school, KADK. The exhibition reflects on the connections between the TV medium and architecture, which are both space-forming, story-telling and frame-setting for our perception and understanding of the world. 

As Christopher Roth writes about the exhibition: ”In the early 1970s, design, and television had its peak as political and transformative tools. People had understood that in order to define space it is necessary to encompass time. Throughout the 1970s TV became a democratic promise, a mass medium, a pop culture, and a counterculture at the same time. But beginning with the Frankfurt School the academic left preferred ‘high culture’ and in the Reagan (a film and TV star!) and Thatcher years the emancipatory forces completely turned their backs on TV. It imploded and later returned on the web. As memes, as smart and short films and as super-successful series. And again we seem to lose the battle. We need to break out of our bubble and start developing more effective strategies to win the hearts and minds of those who are not already our friends.”

The exhibition runs from APRIL 24TH – MAY 31ST 2020.

Opening Hours: MONDAY – FRIDAY @9-19

During the festival dates, you can meet an invited group of different professionals from near and far who’ll discuss and unfold some of the above-mentioned thematics.

Here is a list of the events you can experience at the exhibition:

24th of April – 16.30 – Exhibition opening and debate

At the exhibition opening, the German film artist CHRISTOPHER ROTHand the architect Arno Brandlhuber (TBC) will guide us through the exhibition and tell about its theme and background. Copenhagen’s former city architect, Tina Saaby, along with Roth (and Brandlhuber) will discuss the role and challenges of architecture in a time of crisis. We will enjoy a drink together and toast on the Danish-German friendship year.

27th of April – 16:30 – Critical Practice: Briefs for Europe
27th of April – 15:00 – World Trade Center: A Love Story
28th of April – 16:30 – Star Homes Prototype House v. Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen
29th of April – 16:30 – Sandra Bartoli & Silvan Linden: Licht Luft Scheisse – Perspektiver på økologi og modernitet
30th of April – 16:00 – What a waste? Reading group about waste and resources
1st of May – 16:30 – Stephan Trüby: Arkitektur mellem politik og økonomi

This event is FREE.

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