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ARCH+ 223

Manifesto of the 21st Centuryʼs Own Settlement Form

Von Habitat Forum Berlin /  Bertuzzo, Elisa /  Nest, Günter

Barbarism lurks in the very concept of culture – as the concept of a fund of values which is considered independent, not, indeed, of the production process in which these values originated, but of the one in which they survive. Walter Benjamin, 1937

1. The urban heritage of the 21st century will consist of the world’s self-organised settlements.

2. These settlements demonstrate the current conditions of human life on the planet as they result from a historical process: urbanisation under neoliberal regimes. Therefrom – and not from the fact that they might perform as “arrival cities”, as stages of “smart informality” or as “urban commons” – derives their value as cultural heritage.

3. We refuse the concept of informality, ...

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